Saturday, January 9, 2016

Photos from a Later Album of Ethel Boyd Palme

 1.  Merwin Boyd
 2.  Robert Palme, Eugene Mowery, Harold Boyd 1910
 3.  Ethel Boyd Johannes and Ruby Boyd Mills Summer Picnic Fun
 4.  Family Gathering - Need Help Identifying!
 5.  Eugene and Ruth Mowery 25th Anniversary 1952 - 
LtoR Dorothy, ? child, Dorothy Louise, ? man and child, Gene, Ruth, ?children, Donald, ? Inabelle M. Ross
Thanks cousin Sharon for helping identify these family members.         Need Help Identifying the rest! 
 6.  Edith Boyd Johannes, Ethel Boyd Palme, Eletha Jane Johannes
 7.  Boyd Family Gathering ca. 1945 - Need Help Identifying
 8.  Boyd Siblings - Jessie Boyd Mowery, ? Ruby Boyd Mills, Edith Boyd Johannes, Ethel Boyd Palme, ? Anne Boyd Weber
 9.  Boyd Family Gathering in California - Need Help Identifying
 10.  Sisters - Edith Boyd Johannes, Ethel Boyd Palme, Jessie Boyd Mowery
 11. Ruby Boyd Mills, ?, Edith Boyd Johannes
 12.  ?, Charles Palme, ?, ?, ?, ?
 13.  Need Help Identifying
 14.  Edith Boyd Johannes, Jessie Boyd Mowery, Ethel Boyd Palme
Need Help Identifying Others!
 15.  Janice Kuester 1947
 16.  Ruby Boyd Mills, Anne Boyd Weber, Ethel Boyd Palme, Edith Boyd Johannes, ?, Jessie Boyd Mowery, ?
 17.  Anne Boyd Weber's Family - Need Help Identifying!
 18.  Unknown
 19.  Need Help Identifying
20.  Sunday Afternoon Card Game
Need Help Identifying

Boyd Reunion Clippings

Love this Story!

They even elected Family Reunion Officers!

Early Boyd Reunion in Columbus


Some New Old Boyd Family News Clips

Friday, November 27, 2015

Robert Cabeen Boyd Family Reunion 2016

How would you like to learn more about your Boyd family roots in Nebraska?  We are working on plans to hold a family reunion weekend in Columbus, NE in 2016.

This project is in its early planning stages.  I'm looking for ideas of things to do, family history experiences to explore during the event.  Date has not been set yet.  We will be doing so soon after the first of the year. 

If you would like to be added to the mailing list for this big event, contact me at woodstock57580 at yahoo  Please help us to spread the word to other Boyd cousins you are in contact with. 

What a fitting tribute to the memory of Robert Cabeen Boyd and Sophia Thornburg Boyd for their descendants to come together to get acquainted and share family memories.

Horatio and Robert Cabeen Boyd Families Gather

Saturday, February 21, 2015

RC Boyd

I wanted to share a photo of RC Boyd.  It's been colorized.  Not sure where it was taken.  Anyone have any insight into the circumstance or location of the photo?


Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Awesome Boyd Research Week!

It's been an exciting week in Boyd family research!  It started out with someone viewing my Boyd Ancestry tree.  When I contacted them, I learned that they are part of our RC Boyd tree, descended from John Thomas (Tom) Boyd, RC's son.  This is the first connection made with this branch of our tree.  So glad to make your acquaintance!  

Will look forward to sharing and learning more about your branch of the family.

A couple of weeks back, I was looking at Horatio Boyd's FindaGrave page and saw that someone had posted a link to some information about a Civil War diary.  Thank you for sharing that bit of information!  

I got to work on locating the whereabouts of the microfilm and it arrived from the Illinois library to our local University library this week.  Thank you to the relative who had the precious little book microfilmed back in the 70s.  Not sure of the whereabouts of the original book, but the microfilm will be back in Illinois in a few weeks and available for check out.  

There are entries for every day in the year 1864.  It begins when Horatio is recuperating in an Army hospital from wounds to the head and neck.  He shares brief bits about day to day life, movement of his unit, word from family, etc.  I've worked through May at this time.  It is interesting reading, fun to see mention of his family members. 

Here's a glimpse of what life's like in their world.

I continue to be amazed at the documents and artifacts left by our ancestors and wonder what our descendants 150 years from now will find left of our treasures!

Saturday, January 3, 2015

RC Boyd Home Columbus, Nebraska