Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Hester (Ruby) Leinard

Hester (Ruby) Leinard is the only ancestor in my tree who shares my birthday!  On a recent trip to Topeka, I was able to learn a little bit more about Hester.

She was born in Cumberland, Allegheny County, Maryland in 1813/14.

In 1823 she moved with her parents to Harrison County Ohio

At the age of 18 she joined the Methodist Episcopal church.

On May 8th, 1838, she married Jacob Leinard.  They had 6 children:

b. 1839 - Elizabeth d. 1897

b. 1840 - Anna Christeny d. 1906 - Sophia (Thornburg) Boyd's mother

b. 1843 - Martha Matilda d. 1844

b. 1846 - John Worthington d. 1917

b. 1849 - Samantha d. 1852

b. 1852 - Melville Cox d. 1939

In 1852 the family moved to Winterset, Madison County, Iowa.  They lived in Lincoln Township and farmed there.

Hester died April 14, 1888.  They are buried in the Winterset City cemetery.


Friday, January 31, 2014

RC Boyd in His Tin Shop, Columbus, Nebraska

Thanks to Steve Mills for sharing this awesome photo of Robert Cabeen Boyd working at his work bench.  Frank Mills worked with RC and eventually bought out the business from RC's son.
Frank is pictured with RC.

Below picture is also in the workshop, but taken a few years later.
LtoR - Kenneth Mills, Tom Boyd, ??, Frank Mills.

Friday, October 18, 2013

Elizabeth K. Boyd Postcard to Mission Organization

Here's a great postcard I found that Elizabeth K. Boyd sent to the mission in NYC to check in. 

Monday, March 25, 2013

Image Tucked Inside a Family Bible

Was going through a family bible today and came across an old negative.  I'm not sure who this is or why it was in the Bible???  Ethel (Boyd) Palme's Bible.  Any ideas??

Sunday, March 17, 2013

Elizabeth Bessonett - Ann (Bessonett) Boyd Cabeen's Sister

There was a very special book in the Boyd Treasures that came on Thanksgiving.  That book was a school notebook hand written in 1820 by Mary Ann Boyd.  There was science, history and poetry contained in its pages.  A real glimpse of the education of the time.

The neatest thing written here was a poem honoring the life of Mary Ann's aunt, Elizabeth Bessonet who died in Halifax, Nova Scotia in 1796.

The Ruby Connection

Back in January, I had joined the Madison County Iowa genealogy society.  It was the first time I joined a society.  Our roots run deep in Madison County.  The Thornburgs, Leinards, Rubys and Boyds all came and settled there in the mid 1800s.  Thought it might be an opportunity to network with others researching these lines and to learn more about the resources available in that area.

Much to my surprise, in the first newsletter I received, there was an article from a Kansas man whose Ruby ancestors had come from Winterset, Iowa to Kansas years ago.  I had also posted a query in that newsletter.  The day I received the newsletter, I had an email message from that Ruby descendant!!  How cool is that?!?!  He's descended from a brother of my 4th great grandmother, Hester (Ruby) Leinard.

Last weekend, I went to Topeka, KS to take a little research break.  They have several great libraries full of Kansas and worldwide resources.  We visited the KS State Historical Society Library, the Shawnee County Library and the Shawnee County Genealogy Society Library.  The KS Historical Society Library had some interesting finds dealing with the Ruby family in Kansas.  In fact, one of those leads sends me back to where I live and work!  Hope I can meet this "cousin" sometime soon!

Ethel Boyd's Photo Album December 25, 1903

I've written about this beautiful book before.  It came to me from my cousin, Mary Beth, when she shared so many wonderful family treasures this past Thanksgiving.  It was dated December 25, 1903 and had Ethel D. Boyd written into the front cover.  Now that's curious to me, as I have always understood her middle name was Adele.

Only a few of these photos had identification on them.  So here we go again. . . trying to determine who all these folks are!  Below are the photos.  If you recognize any of these people in the images, please let me know and I'll add the correct information here.



3. Sisters?  Cousins??

4.  Amazing christening gown.


Charles Alfred Palme, Aged 22 - 1901


7. - Maybe Ethel Boyd Palme with 2 nieces???

8. - 4 Generation of Palmes

9. - Back signed "Justa" - Don't know of a Justa in The Boyd clan?

10.- Is this Dave and Tom Boyd as young men??

11. These small photos were "floating around" inside the album.  Some tucked in behind the bigger photos.


13. So which Miss Boyd was a Senior in 1900???


15. Two little dolls!

16. I love the dress on this young woman.  Very unique.

 17.- one of the few photos with something written on it.  It is RC Boyd's baby Willie who only lived a very short life.  Exciting to find this photo.



20. - More of those "floating photos"  I enlarged the back of the baby's photo, but still can't completely make out the writing.  Any ideas?

Check out those hats!  The guy with the unique head gear shows up in a variety of photos throughout the collection.  Any idea who he is?

21. & 22.  These were on the same cardstock and set into the book together.  Maybe husband and wife?  Maybe Ethel's grandparents???



25.  This old tintype sure is interesting.  Her shawl is beautiful.  Wish she could talk.